Friday, September 4, 2009

Screw you, old mop!

When I watch those Swiffer commercials I can't help but feel sorry for that old, worn out mop. It seems kind of cruel to just throw him out, doesn't it?

Sure, it's kind of funny to see the poor guy hiding behind trees and sending flowers, but what about when the mop goes back to his crappy studio apartment in downtown Hollywood? Sitting in front of the TV obsessing over his lost love, sobbing all over his moth-eaten couch as he wonders how it all went wrong.


cj said...

Sad :o( nice sound effects.

Deanna said...

Chris, I didn't realize you made this video until like 3 days ago. I thought it was just another video you liked (kinda like the condiment one..)
So McCall described it to me like this: "this one boy..."
Kim: "You mean your UNCLE Chris"
McCall: "yeah, he made a video of swiffer and a mop and the swiffer made the mop all sad and then it shows the mop just hanging there in his room. It's so funny!"
Amen McCall.

Devin said...

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