Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are you sitting down?

You may want to. Because what you're about to see is probably going to rock your face off. Nine out of ten people that went to mine and Lindsey's wedding reception said they left feeling like they'd been kicked repeatedly in the teeth/throat. In a good way.

This is why:

I'd like to thank the academy.

In hindsight, this video is only lacking three things: Explosions, dinosaurs, and exploding dinosaurs.


Lindsey said...
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April and Cameron said...

that is freakin amazing.

robosaurus. ha.

Deanna said...

Did you switch the picture of Lindsey in the beginning? It looks like you did. And good job.
love (non-romantically),
your favorite sister-in-law,

Jess said...

I loved that. It made me so happy your talents are going to good use.

Bethany said...

The pic of Helen Cowgirl took the cake. Bah.

Rustino Scar said...

it totally seemed like a trailer for a hit movie. kool and hilarious

Chris said...

thanks! I did switch the picture but Lindsey still isn't sure if it's her or not. I'm pretty sure it is though. How about i decide who my favorite sister-in-law is when we're all dead.

Unknown said...

wish I coulda been there cousin........but i wasn't. heck i am never there or anywhere for that matter. But HEY CONGRATS YOU GOT married.

gotta vanish into cyber space. {poof}

bret h.